Thursday, July 12, 2018

The Capella University PhD Program in Educational Administration

Dr. Shannon Burton

A former principal for the New York City Department of Education in Brooklyn, Dr. Shannon Burton has transitioned to the role of director of secondary education for University Heights in Newark, New Jersey. Dr. Shannon Burton holds a PhD in educational administration from Capella University.

The PhD program in educational administration at Capella University prepares students to become leaders who can bring about meaningful change in K-12 schools. The program allows students to select an emphasis on district leadership or school leadership. This option lets students shape their research and course schedules to gain the skills they need to navigate the specific challenges of a career as a superintendent or K-12 principal.

State-approved and recognized by the Educational Leadership Constituent Council, the PhD program at Capella University fulfills the licensure requirements for principal or superintendent roles in many states. To learn more, visit